Darla/STIG/House Plant at The Music Ward

at The Music Ward
5101 Grays Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Saturday April, 13 2019
Doors at 8:30PM EDT
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:::: Lost Compass & Shxt Happens Proudly Present ::::

Darla & STIG with House Plant

April 13 at The Music Ward
8:30 doors/9:00 music
$15 dos/adv
18+/21+ BYO with valid ID

>>> Darla


Darla is a 7-piece instrumental band from Philadelphia. Since forming in 2014, the group has honed their palette of funk and rock grooves, drawing from their origins in the Philadelphia DIY basement scene and influences of 1970s funk and fusion. The Darla sound is an accessible one—free from over-complication and over-indulgence. Fronted by saxophonists, Wil Schade and David Bartler, the duo acts as the vocal core of the group, layering catchy melodies atop the methodical, feel-focused rhythm section of Michael Morrongiello (bass), Brendan Monahan (guitar), Jake Held (baritone guitar), Kosta Johnson (keys), and Richard Straub (drums). This talented group of non-conservatory musicians gets every crowd in the dancing mood with their raw, unpolished energy.

>>> STIG


STIG is an all-instrumental Psychedelic Nu-Funk band based out of Asheville, North Carolina, consisting of 5 best friends from a myriad of places both geographically and musically, including Ryan Stigmon on saxophone, Thomson Knoles on keyboards, Artie Sadtler on bass, Jack McChesney on drums, and Riley Hoover on guitar. They are individually influenced by jazz, funk, metal, bluegrass, psychedelic rock, and beyond. A day in the STIG tour van is soundracked by an absurd potluck of 5 musical brains and their live shows artfully weave their improvisational nature with tight communication and 3 years of playing and growing together, to create a high energy, exploratory and engaging experience.

>>> House Plant


Philly’s #1 Spookadelic band! House Plant encompasses the cosmic essence of Funk, paired with groovy Psychedelic vibrations to bring you a musical, theatrical, and radical form of expression that will blow your mind and leave you questioning reality! House Plant isn’t a band, it’s an EXPERIENCE! Vibrant promotions riddled with janky green screen effects are one of House Plant’s forte’s, and their generous sponsors usually bolster interesting characters (whether they’re real or fake). With every House Plant show, you can expect a commercial advertising the bands, the venue, and the “sponsors”, usually with an accompanying story arch that makes it’s way to the stage. This spooky group of goofsters is dedicated to two things: To raise the world’s vibration, and to spread the gospel of the Funk with their spookadelic-esoteric-funkatronic-probiotic-syncopation!!


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