Full Circle Gathering Part II

at TBA
TBA, Philadelphia, PA 19125
Saturday November, 09 2019
Doors at 4:00PM EST
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Nah Mean? x Sky Society x SM Scared Healing x Grace and Glory Yoga


We welcome you to part II of our event experience that combines ceremony & meditation, yoga, diet, and dance into one event. 


Led by community leaders, instructors, and artists the event will create a space filled with the intentions of trust, creativity, love, and self-awareness allowing you to explore and identify your hearts passions and connect with like-minded individuals exploring their own.


For part II of our series we will be focusing on the themes of transformation, activation, and ancestral lineage.  


Event schedule and flow:


4:00-4:30 – Arrival (Doors close 4:30)

Please arrive early so we can check you in and get you situated!


4:45 – Opening circle

Introductions and event overview


5PM - Yoga

The first hour of the event will be a yoga class led by Rachele of Grace and Glory yoga studios. Rachele is trained and certified in Baptiste yoga and have been transforming people’s lives through yoga for years. It’s an honor to have her leading this portion of the night and share her blissful energy with us as she connects our mind and body’s with movement as we begin the evening.


6PM – Body Yantra

Body Yantra will be led by Katie Kimball. Katie has been studying Ayurveda for over a year and is excited to share with us some of her learnings. This practice adjusts and aligns the structure to where it should naturally lay in a parasympathetic state.  We will be connecting the mind to the bones to create openness and space for the release of crystallized emotions that may be stored from ancestral, past life, or current traumas.


6:15PM – Meditation & Cacao Ceremony

The second hour of the night will be a ceremony led by Sofiya. Sofiya Mariya is a Philadelphia based healer, acupuncturist, and Priestess of the Magdala Rose Mystery School. Her mission is to reignite the flame of inner empowerment and connection to the divine. For the past few years, Sofiya has been facilitating meditative gatherings, womb wisdom workshops, moon ceremonies, and cacao ceremonies in Philadelphia. Her passion is to create an alchemical experience of healing and transformation in a communal gathering of open-hearted beings.

7:30PM – Mediterranean Vegan Dinner

The third part of the experience will be an hour focused on diet and eating . We’re super excited to have Kristen Levenick back to prepare the meal and educate us on the recipes and alternative cooking techniques. For this gathering she will be preparing an all vegan Mediterranean cuisine. Get excited, this one is a fan favorite J


8PM – Dance Party:

The fourth and final part of the experience will be a dance of life. Live DJ sets from Aziz Vora, Sky Society, and Nah Mean? will fill the room with sonic soundscapes ranging from ambient and downtempo all the way through upbeat house and dance music of all flavors. During this portion of the night we will open the doors to individuals who may have not been able to make the earlier portion of the event but still want to join in the celebration and dance of life. 


By taking people through this journey of meditation, yoga, diet, and dance we hope to awaken your passions, fuel your heart, and open you up to a more holistic and conscious lifestyle - just like it has for everyone involved in making this event possible. 


Doors will close at 4:30 for yoga and workshops

Doors will reopen at 8:00 PM for additional dance party guests 


With Love Nick / Nah Mean?


Ticket Options:

Option 1 - 40$ Flat Price 

Includes full nights activities (yoga class, guided meditation/cacao, full meal, dance event)


Option 2 – 5$ for dance party entry (after 8 PM) or 10$ at the door


Things to Bring:

- Yoga Mat
- Clothes you can be comfortable and active in
- Water Bottle
- Your Highest Self

Any questions, comments, or concerns please email fullcirclegatheringphilly@gmail.com !




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