Full Moon Gathering : 5AM, Thought Process, Choppy Oppy

at Slyderz Bar and Grill
1112 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23220
Saturday October, 12 2019
Doors at 9:00PM EDT
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Happy Full Moon!

Welcome to our celebration of life!

This month we will be collaborating with The Gradient Perspective to welcome to town, (for the first time) the 5AM Live Trio ft. Zone Drums & Tygris ( soundcloud.com/5am-beats ) - the live band project of Philly based 5AM - who we’ve seen killing it at festival after festival (Elements Lakewood, Yonderville, Camp Bisco) and even opening for Tipper at the legendary King’s Theater in New York City last November.


Thought Process ( https://soundcloud.com/thought_process_music ) will be making his anniversary return to Richmond, after opening for Thriftworks at our New Moon Gathering last October. After a noticeable year of sonic growth peppered with releases and stellar performances at festivals like Big Dub and Yonderville, Thought Process has gone from building a name for himself in the Denver Underground to becoming a familiar name coast to coast.


These guests will be supported by The Gradient Perspective co-founder Choppy Oppy ( https://soundcloud.com/choppyoppy ) and Drum Circle Productions founder Yogamuffin ( https://soundcloud.com/yogamuffinmusic ), for a “chilled out journey through beats, bass, and hip hop.


As well as Richmond DJ mainstay, the elegant psychedelic taste of Mezmereyez ( https://soundcloud.com/mezmer_eyez )


And as always, our evening will begin with an hour of beginner-friendly Vinyasa Flow Yoga accompanied by live music.


The significance of the moon:

As products of the universe, we are susceptible to its shifting energies and bodies of all sizes in ways both subtle and obvious. As the moon phases change, the behavior of the life under those phases changes as well; it can be noticed especially easily by observing animals and children. 

Our natural energy begins building with the New Moons, these are good chances to start new goals or set new intentions. 

Our energy is peaking at the Full Moon, which makes it a great time for completion, celebration, and to receive the karma created since the last New Moon.

Many cultures plant crops on the New Moon and harvest on a Full Moon. 

Our goal by gathering with intention under full and new moons is to more closely harmonize our patterns with nature, and take advantage of the energy it naturally provides.


October’s full moon, known as the Hunters’ Moon (because of its early rising) or the Blood Moon (because of its reddish hue) will be in the sign of Aries. During this time it can be easy to rush decision-making, don’t be afraid to consciously slow down and make sure you’re moving at a comfortable pace. This time of year the night is also full of energy, (even more than with a normal full moon) and becomes the prime time of the day for both productivity and play.


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