Mystic Jungle : Full Moon Gathering & Amazon Fundraiser

at Slyderz Bar and Grill
1112 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23220
Saturday September, 14 2019
Doors at 9:00PM EDT
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“The forest is a peculiar organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demands for its sustenance and extends generously the products of its life activity; it affords protection to all beings, offering shade even to the axe-man who destroys it.”
-Gautama Buddha

The amazon rainforest is home to an unimaginable biodiversity of beautiful flora and fauna, and plays a critical role in the oxygen production of our planet. The recent increase in fires in the rainforest is both tragic and alarming, and this Full Moon we'd like to do what we know best how to do - gather around bass music, visionary art, and a space to dance - in the name of that rainforest.
All profits will go towards the amazon conservation association.

We invite you to dress as your favorite animal, feel free to dance like them as well; The full moon should only help!

The evening will begin with all levels welcome yoga accompanied by live music from 9-10 which will then become the dance floor space for the rest of the evening.
Music will be accompanied by live art curated by Drum Circle, flow performances from PLF, and live visuals from ?arl.
Our talented musicians for the evening shall include:

Mr. Jennings
"A sophisticated technique for the delivery of squidges, squooshes, bleeps, blops, and other peculiar sounds. Best administered through a wall of subwoofers at an assembly of gyrating humanoid creatures."
A defining member of the RVA music scene, Conway Jennings has thrown more parties, spun more dance floors silly, and weathered more weeks in the desert than almost anyone else that has walked the RVA sidewalks. His work with PLF over the years, and now with homebass, has been a huge inspiration to us at Drum Circle, and it's an honor to have him headline a Lunar gathering before he moves to the west coast.

Sketchy Pete
DC native, Northern Virginia resident, Peter Nguyen brings bass a new flavor with original tracks and compiled mixes that combine hip hop, funk, and everything in between. He’s been inspired by music from age, being introduced to the school choir/band in the fifth grade. His music career started like many others in a best friend’s basement where he developed a love for electronic music, gaining his name from skateboarding where he rarely landed clean tricks, "sketchy”.

Dreaddy Bear b2b Jack the Giant
These two masters of sound have made a name for themselves in the Richmond underground bass scene over the past two years. Combining funk, hip hop, Grateful Dead influence, and reggae with roots in the rave scene, Dreaddy Bear has a colorful sound. Jack the Giant takes influence from squishes, glitches, and neuro bass, with a boom bap sense of rhythm. This b2b will be a first for the two and we're stoked!

DJ Gon
Nyan “Dj GON” Bowman specializes in Ableton, pyrotechnic designs, and community uplifting through P.L.F. He weaves together intricate, nomadic sounds and interactive sculptures to create finely curated grooves, equally engaging the dance floor and the on-stage performer. Drawing inspiration primarily from eastern music and hiphop, his music is a unique concoction of pulsing melodies and BPM-bending compositions leaving no genre behind.

Sunrizen effortlessly shifts between all tempos, styles, and moods of electronic music in his compositions, tied together with a flair for cooled out smokey vibes. He will be playing a special downtempo set to accompany yoga instruction from 9-10pm


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