Pizzaluminati Meeting

at Namastuy Healing Collective
325 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Sunday January, 14 2018
Doors at 7:00PM EST
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Be a Part of the Exchange

In a creative environment that is constantly becoming more aware of itself, it is important to find like-minded individuals to enhance the industries for the greater good. The "Pizzaluminati" meeting is designed to cut to the core of the energy exchange by putting you in a room full of like-minds.


What is the Pizzaluminati meeting?

The Pizzaluminati meeting is a 2-hour workshop including life-changing take-home activities, music industry meet-and-greet, an artist showcase, and a meditative sound-bath.

What is a Sound-Bath?

Sound Baths are deep listening experiences using therapeutic drone instruments such as crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, and "shrti boxes". They help balance the autonomic nervous system which has shown to reduce symptoms of stress, pain, and anxiety. The Sound Bath is a group meditation that promotes a group reset and rejuvenation.

Who is the Pizzaluminati Meeting for?

This meeting is for anyone involved (or wanting to be involved) with the music industry. Musicians, producers, singers, rappers, photographers, promoters, visual artists, dancers, managers, and tastemakers alike! This is also a healing event, so it helps to be open-minded towards your connection with the universe.


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