Lights:Out! Full Moon Gathering ft. Khiva, Supertask, ill chill, Sunrizen, Blaze Mundo

at Slyderz Bar and Grill
1112 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23220
Thursday December, 12 2019
Doors at 9:00PM EST
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The full moon is a time of celebration and completion, when tasks and goals birthed near the new moon come to fruition, and we are rewarded for our efforts. Join us in celebrating life, music, art, and love this December Full moon in a unique lights-out dance environment designed to emphasize the focus on sound and the crowd.

The evening will begin with yoga 9-9:45 then move into a sensory deprivation dancefloor experience.

Musical Guests:
Khiva (Deep, Dark, and Dangerous) https://soundcloud.com/realkhiva
Honouring a deep longing to convey a passion that arises from somewhere far beneath a visible reality, Khiva attempts to bring the deep rooted to the surface.

Finding her true love within sonic sculpture, and nurturing a propensity toward the emotionally fuelled and often dramatic, dubstep and bass driven 140-centric styles offer a natural focal point, but in no way a limit, for her musical exports. Intricately crafting low frequency soundscapes and charging beats while fervently utilizing contrasts, she to hopes of invoke a true experience in the listener, whatever that may be.
Notable performance : Basscenter 2019

Supertask (Beats, Experimental, Psychedelic)
Producing so called "Programs for your speakers" this soft spoken but heavy hitting producer creates deep psychedelic beats that remind us of everything from Tipper and Outkast. Notable performance : Tipper and Friends 2019

Ill Chill (Hip hop)
Working with producers from Goopsteppa to DMVU, ill chill has solidified his spot at the stoned-sounding cool guy of Electronic hip hop.

Sunrizen (Glitch hop/lo-temp) Ebisu Sound

Blaze Mundo (Deep, Experimental)

Vinyasa flow yoga is all levels welcome and late comers welcome!


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